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Making a Hello board

First I want to thank MIT, Sherry Lassiter for this amazing support kit she sendet to us, to be able to make hello boards and more. from 1/64 mills to plyers and copper plates, everything is there. THANK YOU.

In order to mill out a board with a 1/64 mill in europe, I had to machine a collar that fits the shaft of inch milling bits. That was no problem, and my trusty good old south bend lathe did the job well

now I was ready to mill out my first hello board. Strangely enough it came out like this

I tryed 3 more times but no luck. At the moment I have no idea why it mills all the copper lines away. Contour I have set to -1 as it is proposed by several people.

Well i will give it another try on the vinyl cutter on monday. I really hope I can get it done at some point. Pitty enough i couldent experiment yet with progrmming

If you have suggestions, please drop me a mail to alex[@]

More following soon

Finally, i know what was wrong, I did not uncomment in the code. Somehow I must have missed it. Now I am behind, but finally the board looks great :-)

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