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Final project presentations

That was a nice evening, and I was prepared and happy that my cube actually worked, and was stable on the software side as well. The cube was completed around 3 o clock in the afternoon, so I could take it easy and prepare myself for the presentation.

Here is a short movie of a part of my presentation:

Once again it was really great to see all this crazy stuff the people made during this course. It was also great that my collegues and friends came in to join the presentations.

Again, one limitation of the polycom is that sometimes it was almost not possible to follow the explanations of the students, due to that the room was very big so there were a lot of echo and sometimes it seemed that the mic was to far away to pick up the voices properly. But this was cerainly not allways the case, and I am sure Lass did her best to get the most out of it.

The open house:
Again a new kind of experiance for me. We were drinking something in the lab having fun and discuss works, and again and again I was asked to demonstrate the cube on the polycom. I really enyod this evening and I am thankfull I could participate in the class.

So many thanks again in particulair on Bas van Abel, Deanna Herst, Neil Gershenfeld, Sherry lassiter


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