Week 10
Re-Model Final Project

Case for Seven-Day Alarm Clock

The case includes holes for the buttons to set and use the alarm clock. There is one large snooze button on top, forward and back buttons for setting the time, and a slider switch to set the mode. The clock day and time are set using the SET DAY and SET TIME modes. If the mode is set to a day of the week, the forward and back buttons can be used to set the alarm for that day. If the mode is set to OFF, no alarms will be activated. If the mode is set to RUN, the alarm for the current day of the week will be activated. In RUN mode, the forward and back buttons are used to turn the alarm off.

Below are pictures of the proposed design for the alarm clock. I wanted the case to resemble an antique mantle clock, but not take up so much space. Kenny suggested that the best way to make this would be to cut slices of wood and then connect the slices together.