Here is another rev of my python code in action doing multiple continuous paths per layer.

Step one: Make Falcon in Solidworks %E2%80%93 BAM

Peek at STL model in Blender %E2%80%93 so cool looking

Run custom python slicer program (which has this cool new 3d projection feature)

Glue - ready for light speed

To do:
- Add alignment hole option
- Run automatic nesting algorithm
- Add binary file format support
- Add segmentation for large layers
- Add way to get rid of unused negative space

Here is the first version of my python code in action to make a sort-of-cool, sort-of-lame camera.

STL Output Format
Here is a camera model I made in Solidworks and pulled up in Blender to showing all the triangles generated by the STL file format.

Computed Layers
After running the python script, a bunch of PDF files are generated and labeled by layer number. Here are a couple of the layers of the camera that were generated.

The Final Assembly
End result, all the layers printed and stacked together.