Input Device: Hello Mic

I made the hello.mic.45 board. There were a few little tricks I used that are documentation-worthy.

The Board

Trick 1: Separate microphone input pads from the edge of the board by hand with a knife. This allowed me to use the board without cutting it along the bottom edge.

Trick 2: Mount a two-pin jack for the microphone input. Be sure that the pin contacts do not contact the outside of the board. Use a grinder to align the edge of the board with the jack - this allows plug access.

Trick 3: The condenser microphone fits directly into the plug of a two-pin connector. This allowed me to avoid any messy soldering of the pins, and easy microphone replacement in the event of malfunction.

The Interface

When listening to the board, power the ground and DTR pins with a 9V battery. This decreases the noise visible in the terminal by a factor of about 3. Thanks for the tip, Jonathan.