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Assignment: Program an interactive behavior.
A hands-on introduction to emergent systems
Workshop at IaaC. Fab Lab Bcn.

Simple rules of Cellular Automata generate emergent forms of a-life and might be used to simulate natural behaviors found in nature.

Students were asked to come up with a set of rules, based on actions performed by a particular set of sensors and actuators provided by a simple box. The goal was to achieve complex (emergent systems) when the modules were allowed to interact with users and with each other following the same set of simple rules.

This module could sense and perform these particular actions:

25 basic interactive modules (one each student) were produced at the lab, containing electronics and based on the following design:

-> Eagle files: (45k)

The board, based on the ATmega88 allows connection (via simple pads, for minimal cost) of the following 6 periherals:

-12V lamp
-Step motor

-Light sensor

-ICSP header for in-circuit programming
-9V battery

Results were very diverse. Following examples are by Rohan Khurana and Krzysztof Gornicki.

Initial set of rules.

Microcontroller code.

System of four modules.