Ben Waber.How to Make Almost Anything.Final Project Update

Final Project Model

For the final project I'm thinking about doing a robot baby changing table. Originally I was thinking of making an integrated weight sensor that would be housed in the actual table portion of the changing table, but aside from weight sensor difficulties I thought that maybe close contact with an electric field wouldn't be great. But I might use the capacitance sensor I made before to determine the weight of discarded diapers.

The other idea to make it so that the robot's eyes and teeth light up and play various patterns on LEDs (or possibly light bulbs for the robot's eyes) with an on/off switch or a pattern selector.

The actual table I would mill out on the shop bot out of some nice wood (mahogany?) and then paint it. For the teeth I'm thinking of either making a mouth mold and casting the mouth using some silicone or another semi-clear solution. Below is the model of an earlier version of the table:

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