Ben Waber.How to Make Almost Anything.3D Scanning and Printing

We were doing a 3D scanning/printing project this week, and at first I tried to use a mirror to scan in the scanner itself. I thought it would be a nice exercise in self-replication. The mirror I used was a bit smudged, though, and I found that it was extremely difficult to get the scanner to focus past the smudges and look at itself.

Instead I decided I'd like to scan and print out my Media Lab mug. Originally I tried a scan where the mug was rotated 90 degrees before each scan, but I found that this was unable to capture the mug handle effectively. 45 degrees also proved to be a little too coarse, but 30 degrees worked perfectly. After a little clean up the mug looked great. I just had to close some holes and intersect the bottom of the mug with a plane to get a flat surface.

I sent the mug to John to be printed on the Z Corp printer, but apparently it failed too many times so we just printed it on the multi-jet. Once it's ready I'll post a picture.