//MAS 863.09 How to Build (almost) Anything
//Boris Kizelshteyn

This week I attempted to create a composite cube using fabric coated in Smoothon 310 Urethane formed over a pressfit water jet cut aluminum cube. The cube was irreperably damaged when being removed from its mold.

Even though I used the wax based spray on release agent Easy Release 200, I could not successfully seperate the alluminum from the cast. I tried to disassemble the alluminum box and I still could not remove the top pane. I then put the box in a vice and pulled at the alluminum until it let go, unfortunatly it ripped the box.

In anycase I made a design error which I would fix if I redid the project: I would wrap the box such that I could use a paint knife to seperate the cast from the box on all sides. This would work better anyway becuase Ineed more than one layer to achieve the rigidity I require.

If anyone is interested in creating the pressfit box, you can do it using this app: Flatland and FlatLang. You will need to convert the output from this app which is HPGL into DFX, you can use something like SwiftView.