Fun with the watercutter and shop bot
//MAS 863.09 How to Build (almost) Anything
//Boris Kizelshteyn

For this assignment, I used the water cutter and shop bot to create a work of art and a set of functional hover hangers for some panel monitors.

The following are spme actionshots from working on the water cutter:

A tip when using the watercutter is to double check to see how much garnett the drill will use for your job to make sure it makes sense. If the amount of garnet is small or none, you know it won't cut anything. This is displayed when you open your ord file on the drill. Also, for the BEGINNER: the clamps ar up top near the web cam, don't be like me and waste an hour looking for them elsewhere :P

The following are spme actionshots from working on the water cutter:

TIP: don't draw paths in omax when exporting to the shop bot, you need to render paths right in the bot program.

I wanted to create a large scale metalic re-imagining of Torres Garcia's Geometery of Peace painting. I was faciniated by the notion of inside and outside with the cutter and wanted to play with that more. Well, we didn't have the mterial do do it large scale, so I made it 10 x 10 inces. This was actually a good thing becuase while the piece came out, it partially fell apart, becuase it could not support its weight. I will have to rework the file in order to be able to print it more stabely large scale.
Here are my files for the whole project.
file archive