Microcontroller Programming
//MAS 863.09 How to Build (almost) Anything
//Boris Kizelshteyn

I was able to complete the basic assignment of extending the board design to accomodate a push button and then programmed the button to blink the LED and write out "You Rang?"

With the help of Steve Liebman's cadletters library I was able to write my name on the cuircuit board in addition to moding it for the button. His code is here: cadletters


I actually ran into some problems rendering the output from this library in time to use this borad in my assignment, but I later figured out that what I needed to do was CAT this library along with the example file from class and then everything worked. There is likely a better way, but for now this works: >cat cadletters.cad hello.echo.44-boris.cad > newthing.cad The button code worked well once I figured out that the example I based it off ran at 115200 baud and 9600. So to get the output from the code to the terminal correctly you need to: >python term.py /dev/ttyS0 115200 Here is the program I used written in ASM: