//MAS 863.09 How to Build (almost) Anything
//Boris Kizelshteyn

For this weeks assignment I fab'd the tiny44 based microphone and then in processing mapped the low bit value to the framerate at which a color changing "plasma" animation occurs. Ideally it should speed up when there is sound detected:

I created the board with the lettering "listen", here is the cadfile for the board:


Here is a copy of my Processing Sketch


For this week I was hoping to be able to read in the serial data as audio and the manipulate it as an audio signal in processing. After spending nearly 30 hours on this project I gave up, all I could do was make some noisy clicks. I did find some resources on serial audio and on dumping the a pwm string from a t45, which I need to convert to a t44. I need to be able to do this for my final project, so I need to get with someone who has a much deeper understanding of what's happening on an audio processing level than I do. I also had a strange problem whereby the values I calculated in processing for the reading and the value were not the same as the one in python, so that would be worth a look as well. Finally, processing stuttered really bad when reading this serial data and so my plasma is more of a stutter than anything else. Anyway, to be continued!