Input & Output
//MAS 863.09 How to Build (almost) Anything
//Boris Kizelshteyn

This week I created my own board which combined the hello RGB with the hello microphone, to run through the PWM script of the LED when there is a zero crossing from the mic. This makes a very pleasing visual effect when you play music to the chip.

Here is my ASM: BK.mic.RGB.FINAL.asm

This code was inspired by the serial mic code from Eric Rosenbaum's 2007 final project.

I designed my own board in Photoshop this week and then milled it out from a png following Nadya Peek's tutorial, which while great, is missing a very important piece of information: to mill out the board you need a different png, that has a white center the exact size of your board with a black border. This will allow you to now successfully follow the mill out directions :) Here is mine: