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Step 0: Credits

This week I decided to build a walking mechanism based on the ideas
of Theo Jansen.

Take a look at these two short videos to get an idea how it works:

Step 1: Skeleton

Skeleton DXF

With this type of walking mechanism, it's very important that all of
the linkages have the correct ratio and position. In his book Jansen
Gives a set of dimensions that work well in his machines. I adapted
these to create an initial skeleton for my model.

Step 2: Flesh

Flesh DXF

Once I had the skeleton, I constructed shapes and outlines for each
element to create my final design. I also modified the mechanism so
that it can be tiled N times to create a many legged machine.

Step 3: Crawl

Before heading to the shop bot, I made a smaller prototype of my design
on the laser cutter. I struggled a bit on how to make pins for the
pivot points. Ultimately, staples bent to the desired length worked
pretty well.

Step 4: Cut

I sized my leg mechanism to use most of a 48x48 inch sheet cut on the
shop bot. The inner radii of the gears require an .125 inch mill, so
I had to set the cutting speeds and feeds accordingly. I used a
.25 inch depth of cut at 50 inches per minute. This worked well.

Step 5: Walk

Downloadable video

Over and out.