i am sticking to the pillow idea described in week one.

instead of a timer, the pillow will have pressure sensors as switches located at specific places.

been looking at hannah’s stuff for know how.

i plan to work with conductive fabric and thread to make the sensors and the circuitry.

the fabric and thread have been bought :

                                                 soft and safe from

                                                 less emf

                                                 and the thread

                                                 also bough conductive epoxy from amazon

the design of the circuit will be done using eagle, the board might be flexible and done in the vinyl cutter, pending on the design.

i want the circuitry leading to inputs and outputs to be visible and integrated into the design of the pillow, making it aesthetically pleasing and enhancing the ‘artifactness’ of it.

i will use the laser cutter to cut it.

i want the chip to be visible and removable, so plan to make a casing for it using skills learn during molding and casting.