following hanna’s button instructable, i made a fabric switch for the pillow.

will adapt the design to make it more suitable.

in studying how it would work, it seems that the pillow will have to have its own unconventional design.

i want the sleeper to not have to move and thus lose the content, thus the pillow should:

have every corner as a recordable port,

have the microphone as close to the surface as possible before it becomes uncomfortable.

have smart buttons that are not accidentally pushed while sleeping.

(this las part will be solved in software)

then came designing the circuit, and deciding what to use:



Voice recor/playback chip:

ISD 4003



For the microphones, I am using the ones in stock:

423-1043 -NC/Condenser elec

For speakers:

458-1136-ND 8 Ohm speakers, .25W 57MM round

Most of my time, I spent it trying to put everything together in Eagle:

next comes finishing the schematic, milling, stuffing, programming, testing, making sure that the switches work, making silicone cases for board, assembling pillow with new design implemented.