after much trial and error, i finally got the right numbers for the different thicknesses of acrylic:

1/2 inch: .33

1/4 inch: .203

1/8 inch: .114

and in my particular case:

the lamp thickness for the rings is: 1.71 inches

the distance in spacing for the openings for fitting is: 12.5 inches

acrylic works beautifully with fluorescent light. i wanted to make a modular “shade” with customized plates of acrylic that you could mix and match, add on...

for now, this are the different fittings:

different rings:




with openings for plugglets:


etching is yet to be tried, but i’ve seen it work really nicely with light.

different thicknesses make it way more dynamic.

once knowing the dimensions of the fittings, you can do whatever you want.

this fluorescent lamps are modular per se, so you can buy many and link them together.