new to this land, i had no real clue of what to do.

the machining part was easy to get, still, there were a few flops:

placing the drill bit and tightening it well...

using more tape! cover the whole area.

(thanks davids)

sodering... shaky hands and tiny things.

no coffee next time.

take advantage of any magnifying thing around.

and from then on, becomes addictive. (thanks david)


looks like fun. it ain’t. unless there is some secret technique i missed. pinning those things down was more complicated than it seemed.  mapping got confusing. first set: did not work.

by the second try, mastery is noticeable, still, no fun. they worked though.


inna of ’08 class: you were the light.

still cables did not work.

after following tutorials without really knowing what i was doing, david and laurel shed some more light into the actual happening.

and hello world was there.