Portable Spine Board and Head Immobilizer

A portable spine board and head immobilizer for remote search and rescue.


Conventional spine boards are constructed in a single piece that is not practical for remote search and rescue. They are difficult to carry and practically impossible to parachute in with for combat search and rescue.


The portable spine board and head immobilizer is designed to fit within a standard size backpack/rucksack and extend to the full size and capability of a normal spine board. The panels and support beams will be constructed using composites (specs TBD) and the head immobilizer will be inflatable plastic. The 6 panels are 12" x 18" and the 10 support beams are 12" long I-beams. All panels will be hinged to aid in quicker deployment. Each set of 5 support beams will be hinged together as well. The attachment of the support beams to the panels has not yet been determined.  Patient vitals are taken through integrated circuitry.


Note: All dimensions are in inches


Note: All dimensions are in inches

Another idea I had but didn't have time to model was a small press-fit wind turbine kit.