IMG_2536.JPGComposite Frisbee


Our assignment was to make a composite structure.



This was a unique assignment in that I only had one day to do it since I was going to be out of town the rest of the week.I had prior experience with more standard aerospace composites such as fiberglass, carbon fiber, aramid, and epoxy but nothing like the range of materials we worked with this week.I decided I was going to make a composite Frisbee.Unfortunately, I didnít have a Frisbee sitting around and didnít have time to get one so I used what was availableÖ



I decided to go with Aqua-resin and 100%hemp cloth for no reason at all other than I thought it would be cool to make a hemp Frisbee and the Aqua-resin was the closest resin to me.



I tried to cover my mold by shrink wrapping it with some plastic I found, but that didnít seem to work to well.I resorted to covering it in aluminum foil instead.




I cut 4 plies of hemp and mixed the aqua-resin in a 1.5 to 1 powder to liquid ratio.This was to promote more flexibility in the final mold as opposed to the ceramic like consistency that aqua-resin normally gives.




The hemp did not let the aqua-resin soak through very well so I was worried about de-lamination and had to mix up more resin than I originally thought would be needed.I also had to cut some slits and overlap the hemp and it ended up sort of looking like a pie crustÖ



The aluminum foil worked well to make sure the Frisbee didnít stick to the mold.



The post-processing reminded me of cutting a pie crust.



It ended up pretty awesome.Itís heavier than I expected, but strong (I can stand on it) and flies quite well!