Final Project

My plan to was to make a Frisbee from cork and plastic that would light up when it was thrown. For the most part I accomplished this! It was, of course a process, though. The final prototype was circuit version #5 and whole product version #2.

Hereis the assembly file I used. Below are pictures of the final Eagle schematic and board. Since the free version of Eagle wouldn't make a board big enough, I then had to move over to Illustrator to stretch the LEDs and Accelerometer out as far as I needed them. There are links to these these files on my Final Project Planning page.

The mold was made from rubber and fiberglass and is pictured on my molding and casting page. The circuit was laid face down in the top of the mold and then the cork/plastic mixture was laid on top (with the battery leads sticking out). It was all then vacuum bagged until cured.