How to Make Almost Anything (Steve Leibman)

Steve Leibman

Assisting with MAS 863, How to Make (almost) Anything
Fall 2009

My personal goals for the class are, in priority order:

1. Help out wherever possible, to make sure that this year's instance of the class is a success.

2. Flesh out and increase robustness of the next generation of software workflow, all the way from a design UI to machine control.

3. Do my own final project.

4. I will probably do a few of the standard assignments, as time permits, especially when they can be treated as tasks in direct support of the goals above. But it is unlikely that I'll do all, or even a majority of them.

Feel free to email if you're curious about any of this.



Final Project Proposal
(Wooden toy train tracks that bend according to programmed instructions)