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This week, I helped a lot of people build and program thier own Fabduino boards.. These boards can control many of the output devices covered this week with very little additional hardware.. Since it is both Arduino compatible and simply a mega168 breakout board, you can program the fabduino with AVRGCC, the Arduino IDE, and my development environment called Modkit. Below is a simple program created in Modkit to do color fading with an RGB LED and two potentiometer knobs:

Below is a new version of the board which adds a ceramic resonator that would allow you to control servos.. I'll have to wait on getting an 8mhz resonator in the fab package before trying it out..

I also started a motor board which attaches to the fabduino to provide two motor drivers, but I ended up helping many people get thier fabduinos working so I didn't get to finish..