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The Assignment for this week was to program a microcontroller, as the LED light would blink by pressing the botton.



From the top to Bottom:

Capacitor 1 mf, Ressistor 1 k, Ressistor 2k, Resonator


THe programming process would be provided by connecting the previously made FabISP.



Top to bottom: Microcontroller, six pin


The first step was to design the board in the EAGLE program. The design process starts with sctech environment which icludes the parts and deffinitions on the board.



The Fab ISP that I made in the previous assignment, PCB design fabrication and assembly. this would be used to program the microcontroller in this stage


The last setp is put the components on the board and export the image as .PNG for milling process and making the board.


      The finished board after stuffing
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