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This week's assignment was to make a board with a sonsor that can transfer the external signals to computer. I started with the sample boards that have been provided for the class and use the light sensor for more investigations.


Board from the class samples.    

The first step was to make the board and programed it by using the FabIsp board from the second week's assignment. Then connect the board with the FTDI cable to the terminal and visualize the ourput of the sensor on the computer screen.



Testing the light sensor with the Python program. IT WORKS!!



Then I decided to remake the board, and add one LED light to that to transfer the data from sensor to the LED to change the intansity of the light based on the activated sensor.


Board No. 1 Which didn't work!    

I redesigned the board by paying attention to the way that Neil made the first board. I just added the LED to the PB4 pin of the microcontroller. since that pin was not connected to anywhere on the board. It simply DIDN'T WORK!! I could easily program the board, but I could not make it respond ti the Python code for visualization of the data on the screen.


Board No. 2 which didn't work either.    

Then I decided to redo the schematic part of the design and redesign the board with a more rigorous process to make sure that I am using the same pins and information as the first sample of the class.



This is latest design which I have not tried yet, and I not sure that it is going to work!!!


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