LED Array In Progress...


Sarah Hirschman
M.Arch. 2011

I started out this project VERY excited about figuring out how to charlieplex... and how to integrate this output with an input from a couple of weeks ago.


I thought it would be cool to use Matt Blackshaw's Touchpad from the inputs week to control the LED matrix of this week. So then I designed holders/platforms for the different components of this setup and lasercut them.


The platforms were lasercut, and it thought it would be great to integrate all the parts of the circuit and sensor into one vinyl cut circuit. These are designs from Matt's page (link above) that I tried to cut correctly.

Once again, Matt's board design - it needs two jumper wires as well.






bungled up!


This is close to what the new touchpad design was supposed to look like. Unfortunately, the epoxy film was all used up, and the circuit was not weeded perfectly.





still no!


OK - so this is clearly not the way to go about this project, but I'm still really excited about the potential for it and would like to further explore the touchpad/LED matrix setup for my final project. I will update this page as this progress continues.


to be continued...