.: week 12.networking and communication :.

Connecting cello bow to output device

For this week, I planned to wirelessly connect the accelerometer and capacitive sensor in my cello bow (input devices) to the led and servo in musiPresence (output devices). I spent most of the week working on my final project, so I saved my networking project for Sunday because I didn't have to mill a board or do much software - just set up some XBees for wireless serial communication. Unfortunately, a voltage regulator on my accelerometer board got fried, which in turn sent 9V directly to my 3.3V accelerometer. So, my chip is fried - and because it's a QFN package I couldn't put another one on. I plan to remake this board this week - after diagnosing any potential reasons for the fried regulator.

Fried accelerometer / capacitive sensor board. Boo.