Final project preparation

For my final project, I would like to make a soft actuauted arm/tentacle. It would be a proof of concept of the use of MR fluid for robotic actuation.

Components :

Switchable magnets
Soft silicone casting
Boards for control of Magnet
Teflon(or any silicone sealing) channels filled with MR fluid

Soft silicone casting

After the molding and casting session, I found that the tentacle i cast was too rigid. I intend to make a hollow one using the same process. That casting will be embeded with the magnets and the channels with wires coming off the inside to the board for control.

To Do : Find ideal thickness through trial and error for the arm to be completely soft when cast. (ASAP) and cast a first mold.

Switchable magnets

Using Ara's concept of switchable magnets, I would like to make one (and then replicate for more) to use it in the design.

To Do : Find list of components and order them, try to have one before next Monday if possible.

Board to control the magnet

The magnet needs to be powered with a high current (ideally 5 A) over a period of 5 ms. This should be doable using a microcontroller and a MOSFET.

To Do : Design a board to power one magnet (ASAP), Once it works and the design is tested using 1 magnet then make a board to control all the magnets. (

MR Channels

These channels will be filled with MR and embedded in the mold. The outer material needs to be flexible & silicone oil sealing. The small amount of MR needed will be supplied from my lab.

To Do : Order Teflon or other sealing material and make channels once the mold thickness is determined.

Schedule :

Week 1 : Finalize list of parts, make a magnet and make a mold

Week 2 : Make Board & Channels, Make first prototype with one magnet and one channel

Week 3 (only Weekend & 2 days) : Debug any problems & make final design.

Final Design :

4 channels with 3 (or more) magnets each.