Networking & Communications

For this week, we are supposed to have mulitple boards with different microprocessors communicate. In the interest of time (and since i didn't understand much from Neil's lecture), I decided to do the same boards as Neil and program them differently to test different possibilities of networking.

This was not my best soldering job ever and I learned a very valuable lesson : don't be impatient. I soldered my pins and boards before shearing and got one my boards destroyed in the process.

The boards worked (miraculoulsly) and I played around with Neil's code. They now each blink at a different rate when you choose them.

This is very useful for my final project because i might need to control different boards and have them make different things simultaneously so this was good practice.

Here is the code :


I also attended Nadya's session on Internet 0 which was very helpful in uunderstanding it.