Final project prep

For my final project, I am interested in using MR fluid in my design. One idea I would like to explore is MR actuation i.e. having a soft body move using the fluid.
The idea I have is to try to make a tentacle like the octopus's which would move around and maybe grab stuff.
The idea is to have a flexible material  on the outside and have flexible channels on the inside with the fluid inside. I will make thin rigid rings to put inside to embed the electronics and the magnets needed to control the fluid.

To come back to Neil's questions :

what are you going to make : Soft moving tentacle

what will it do : Move and/or grab stuff
what are the materials, components, and systems : Teflon sheets, MR fluid (supplied), magnets & electromagets, current output device, magnetic sensor?, rigid rings (machined)
what questions will need to be resolved : The electronics + sensor, joining?
what is the schedule: unclear yet, things will be clearer as the class advances
what is the budget: < 100 $ as I will supply alot of things

I am not sure of the feasibility since alot of this is currently in the research stage in my group but I would love to have something useful for my research as my final project that would be fun as well. Other ideas involving MR fluid & MTM might come up later but this is it for now.