3D scanning & printing

This week, I set out to do my own scanner and use the files I got to 3D print an object of mine. Unfortunately, the death of my computer on Monday evening killed my dreams and I ended up scanning and printing 2 different objects using the machines we have in the Arch shop.

3D scanning

I  went to both the training of the CBA shop and Arch shop to see the difference between the 2 machines in terms of scanning .

cba machinearch machine

The CBA machine has the advantage of adding color and texture to the object which coupled with the Z-corp printer could give really nice results. The Zscanner 700 has the advantage of the manuverability.

I ended up using the Zscanner 700 in the Arch shop. Here are a bunch of objects I tried :


The machine works by defining the object relatively to the shiny dots. Those can either be on the object or on a base around the object. They are ideally 0.5" apart and the machine needs to see 4 of them at any one point to record the object. The ring was very shiny and the machine couldn't detect it, I probably should have painted it with a matte surface. The cat was also a little shiny, very curvy and small which made it hard to stick dots to it and hard to scan. Since this is a valuable object of mine, i still wanted to replicate it so I tried using the CT scan to get a closed surface of the object to 3d print but I have not got the results of that yet.

I ended up scanning the PEZ dispenser which worked really well in 4 scans except for the bottom part of the pumpkin which was hard to scan because there were no dots on the ceiling!!! It also managed to capture the engraving on the side of PEZ which was pretty cool.


I also went to the CT session and I'll upload some of these pictures later. We scanned an iphone, a key and my cat.

3D printing

I was hoping to 3d print my scanned object but lack of time due to me trying to get a new computer made it impossible for me to sit down and fix the holes in the PEZ. I decided to go with something easy yet cool that would be hard to do otherwise. I CADed 3 concentric boolean spheres. I am not aware of any fabrication technique which would allow me to have all 3 inside each other without having to break the spheres.


At the time of class, the object is still printing so I'll update the webpage when that is done.


And here is the final product :