Output devices

This week, I set out to do 2 devices : the LED array and the RGB color output

LED Array countdown/Charlieplexing

I created a board using Eagle inspired from Neil's charlieplexing board. The idea is to add a button to control the display and to make the display make a countdown from 5 to 1. Something which i found very useful was the wire functionality instead of route. It helps deal with those situations when you see a clear way to connect two components but Eagle won't let you because it want to route through another way.

I programmed it with the solder jumper 2 taken out from fabisp and using the 9 V battery as a power source. It works fine but for some reason only works once, I need to disconnect and reconnnect power to make it work.I'll check with a TA/guru on that.

RGB color coupled with temperature

I wanted to play around with the temperature sensor since i didn't have a chance to test it earlier. I made a board using Eagle which has both the thermistor and the RGB light. I wanted it to be red when it was hot and blue when it was cold.

I am not sure how to program the coupling between the temperature and the light yet. I need to ask one of the TAs. Neil's code worked fine and it seemed to work at first but when i try to reprogram it's not working anymore. I might have fried the diode, i 'll check that using an oscilloscope.