week 10: final project proposal 3


From the 4 ideas I previously presented 4, I decided to stay with the alarm clock for my final project:


Goal: forcing lazy people to get up (or freeze)

                what will it do?
Once the alarm sounds it will roll out the sheet or cover so the sleeper is left with nothing on top and is forced to get up.



1. Microcontroller alarm clock board (connected to 110 current supply with a 5V wall adapter)

LCD display
buttons to set clock and alarm
crystal, resistors, capacitor
5 VDC adapter

2. motor board (connected to 110 current supply with a 12V wall adapter):

2 dc motors
resistors, capacitors, h-bridge, n mosfets
12VDC adapter

3. moving cover:

1 down comforter and cover
gearwheels connected to motors and to straps tied to bed cover

4. for live demonstration purpose:

inflatable mattress