My final project for the class is an alarm clock that besides ringing to wake you it takes your sheet off, leaving you no other option than to wake up (or get a cold).



In order to make this work I had to build two things:

a clock

a motor controlled sheet




For the clock I used a 16 Mhz crystal and an Atmega 168 with a 7 segment LCD display. I built a press-fit box in basswood and, in order to fit the clock into the box I split it into three boards, one for the microcontroller, one for the LCD display and the third for the buttons.

The first board I made turned out to be too messy and some traces rip off, what ended in one of the pins of the microcontroller breaking so I had to make it again.






Sheet and motors

For the moving part I used 3 12V gear motors controlled by an Attiny 44 with an H bridge. Each motor is attached to a wheel that controls one of the 3 straps that move the sheet. The motors with their wheels are attached to a small structure that goes on the foot of the bed. The board also has a button to make the motors rotate in the opposite direction so you can make the bed after waking up.

The sheet can be easily removed from the motors (for washing it for example) because it is connected to the straps by buttons milled in the Shopbot (a shopbot-ton).

The sheet itself, since it moves, has wheels (see the pictures).









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