week 4: something big (that can also be small)

For this assignment I wanted to build something that could be big, but also small so it could adapt to changing needs and small spaces like my house.


The table in action

The Problem: Extending rails
I decided to build a coffee table
that could be extended in order to acomodate more things if it needed. The most difficult part was designing and fitting the "rails that made it open and close.



Changes in the Design
I first modeled it in 3D and then draw the 2D parts for the shopbot to cut them. The first model had 3 legs, 2 on the supporting part and 1 with wheels for the moving part. Once I was assembling everything I decided to change that in order to make it lighter so the design ended having only 2 legs and the 2 pieces hang from one another.


Second 3D model


I ran some tests for the measure of the railings to give them the right tolerance but still I needed to sand them to make room for them in the clompletely closed position.

The moving part that goes on top




The fixed part, that goes below