Press fit construction kit

I decided to make a generic construction kit, give the results to my roommates, and then see what they make! The layout is below.

I designed everything in Inkscape, and then exported to a dxf. I had some trouble with the CAD program, but was able to get help from other students. My first attempt to use the fab modules gave me traces that were not accurate. It seems to have trouble creating smooth curves from a png.
I used AutoCAD to open the file. I used power settings 65 and speed 15 and ran the cut twice. The speed had to be manually set on the machine.
As a side note, while creating this page I needed to resize some pictures. I a great command I discovered to do this is...

mogrify -resize 600 *.JPG

After some haggling for laser cutter time, here's are some of the results!

The construction begins