Printing and scanning


I used the Arch Shop's ZScanner 700. Initially I tried to scan a flower..

This didn't work out very well and I wasn't able to get the underside at all.

So then I went to scan a bananna

This worked much better! Notice how you can see the sticker on the banana itself.

But its still a little dirty...thankfully meshlab can clean that up.

Rejoice! I didn't have geomagic, but MeshLab, a free cross platform piece of software worked great. I was able to clean it up by just running two filters.

Tip: I found the most complex sounding filters to be the best. If the filter description cites research papers less than a year old, its probably a good one!

Penguin design

Here's a penguin I made! I based it off a design I got from google's 3d warehouse. They have over 100 different penguin designs.

Sadly, when it went to print, some strange things happened..

James told me the filler material didn't print correctly, but I'm not sure why the other penguin has a 90 degree bend in it though! Its a mystery at the moment.