Microcontroller meets world

SOS Alerter

I made a board with a photoresistor based on Neil's design. Milling and stuffing went as usually and I didn't have any problems. The mantis is awesome.

For serial communication I had some problems, once I got my makefile setup correctly and just the right code I was able to get serial communication to work. Once I got this working, it was all down to the software!
I use the Twilio API to call phones when an SOS is detected!. Unlike most of my project, I imagine this could actually be useful to someone. Unforunately at the moment this only works under very contribed conditions. My photo sensor doesn't seem very sensisitve.

<Hack/>Free touch sensor!

I found if I setup ADC to listen on a disconnected pin, when I touch that disconnected pin, thanks to some E&M magic this changes the values enough to let me know there's a change! With that I made this code...