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01 // Final project proposal xx Omnispec
Omnispec (Omni + specula ~ "everywhere + mirror") is a tool to regain the streets and the grey surfaces around us. It consists of a fabable camera obscura (pinhole camera), a CMOS-chip to see what's around us and a customized bubble-jet printer that prints with edible ink on the walls. The device prints whatever it sees through the pinhole camera IMMEDIATELY onto the surface (preferably a wall) behind it, where the printer is hidden into the device.

OS thus can create an objective mirror from any surface where the paint can stick. We can create timestamps in any given point if we want to record something important that happened just THERE and THEN.

Theo Jansen did something similar back in the 80s, but his wall painting machine was fully analog, thus beautifully constructed but pitifully slow. My machine would be in turn instantaneous, the only slow process would be the printing phase (~30sec). It uses edible ink, thus the rain would wash it down after couple days and since its bio degradable it would not harm the environment.
  • Pin-hole camera :: How to make a pinhole camera basically a box with a small hole in it [<$20]

  • CMOS camera module to digitalize pic :: Some CCD modules: DE or SparkFun [<$20]

  • Printer :: the only part that is hard to fab is the piezo-controlled ink dispenser. Old or used bubblejet inkjet printer .. [$60-$80 or for cheap from a broken printer]

  • Edible Ink :: Edible ink for Canon type printers [<$30].

  • Fab the body itself :: On the shopbot. Preferably not from OCB. The dimensions bounding box would be around 1,5m x 0.6m, so one could hold it in between his arms.

Models ++.blender ~ files ++
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