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Project update Nov. 29th

+1 // Final project proposal xx Omnispec

What are you going to make?
A street hack that imprints a snapshot of the scenery around a certain point onto any surface using edible ink.

What will it do?
It will drive people crazy. And maybe some others will be intrigued by the story it tells them, since dead walls start to tell them a story about the day they had and a story they saw during the day. Couples kissing, accidents happening, cars getting stolen, etc.

How will you make it?
Shopbot the body, lasercut a pinhole camera, hack a bubblejet printer with fabbed electronics. Shake well and maybe add some 3D printed custom gears if I don't like the mechanics of the printer. In that case I will only take the ink dispenser unit, which I consider hard to fab.

What are the materials, components, and systems?
Mahagoni for the body, non-transparent acrylic for the pinhole camera, inkjet printer for the inkjet printer, wires, Microcontrollers.

What questions will need to be resolved?
1. Good mapping between the camera image and the printer.
2. Control of the inkjet printer with a MCU
3. Finding a suitable, hackable CCD chip
4. The battery issue - not too heavy battery. AC/DC conversion.

What is the schedule?
O18-N1 Find materials (CCD, inkjet printer, battery)
N1- N15 Resolve issue of controlling inkjet printer from MCU
N15 - N29 Start FABbing the pinhole camera, also start to integrate the camera image to printer, close workflow.
N29 - D13 Start hammering together the final construction (Actually decide what I want to do for final project)

What is the budget?
Excluding the Mahagoni cost that I will try to get from a friend:

  • Pin-hole camera :: How to make a pinhole camera basically a box with a small hole in it [<$20]

  • CMOS camera module to digitalize pic :: Some CCD modules: DE or SparkFun [<$20]

  • Printer :: the only part that is hard to fab is the piezo-controlled ink dispenser. Old or used bubblejet inkjet printer .. [$60-$80 or for cheap from a broken printer]

  • Edible Ink :: Edible ink for Canon type printers [<$30].

  • Fab the body itself :: On the shopbot. Preferably not from OCB. The dimensions bounding box would be around 1,5m x 0.6m, so one could hold it in between his arms.

>> I will try to keep the cost below 200USD, which seems realistic, without the cost of the body.

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