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Everyone else started slowly to work on their final project and since I was exactly at 0% in the beginning of the week I built part of my setup, a 2-axis simple plotter. Also I modded a little ink cartridge that squirts ink on demand. Not yet presentable, maybe next week :)

Simple 2 axis plotter

I used this tutorial and modified it here and there. I started by hacking a printer that I got from reuse. I used the steppers from it, a bunch of random aluminium. I bought threaded rods and nuts for them. Pictures of the making the frame, adding the X axis, than the Y...aluminum, plexiglass and a LOT of screws, 2 days work and voilá!

The hardest part was the lead-screw's fixation. The lead-screw is the real soul of the CNC: it converts circular motion into linear displacement for our stage. I drilled a hole through the axis, and hot glued it to my stepper motor. It works surprisingly well although it takes some time to get the wobbling motion out of the picture.

Aluminium is a wonderful material to play with. You can bend it, sheer it and transform it, based on your taste. More pics:

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