How to Make (Almost) Anything

MAS 863 2010
Week 1
I am not sure yet about my final project but i am imagining a fancy hammock stand that\ can be foldable and do stuff that other hammock stands can't do right now. More like \ a hammock stand for me. I want to e ale to use it as a chair, have a beer holder, a pl\ ace for say a magazine and an ipod holder.

I am also thinking that I will probably do a 3-D printed prosthetic socket, which is s\ omething I will be working on over the next two years (Investigating human-machine int\ erfaces).

I tried to learn blender and Solidworks over the weekend to be able to do a 3-D render\ ing ut that sadly could not happen. I will have to go with one.

However, here are my drawings old school style