How to Make (Almost) Anything

MAS 863 2010
Week 10 assignment: control an output device
for this week, i decided to do a couple of things: make Neil's boards and change the codes to what I wanted and then build a fabduino since i would need it for my final project.

i used the modella to make the circuit boards and then soldered the components on. for the fabduino session, i helped Ed explain the process of making the boards (since I had made mine a day earlier) and tried to learn as much as possible myself in his programming session.

here are the images of the 3 boards I made. I burnt like 3 voltage regulators on my RGB circuit even though I was using a fabisp that was not providing power to the boards.


i changed Neil's code so that I can write a blinking led message to my girlfriend. The lights blink her initials and then an image split into two. I think the guy called Charlie who first showed charlieplexing just won me many brownie points.