How to Make (Almost) Anything

MAS 863 2010
Week 7
  • scan an object
  • print an object

  • extra credit for making your own scanner, editing and printing an object that you scanned and for making your own 3d printer.

    i originally tried to scan a black image- an animal carving that i have using the Minolta 3d scanner. however, on 'auto focus', the power of the laser beam is too low especially when the background is dark to notice anything dark. so, i took it off auto focus, increased the power significantly, changed the distance so that it thinks the object is further back and then did multishot scans. here are my scanned images;
    scan scan scan

    i was not able to print the object i scanned. i wanted to make something on my own and print it. so i used solidworks to make a small and simple coin/change holder.

    coin box

    here is an image of the printed object. it is solid and ready to be used.
    scan scan

    next step is to print the object i scanned.