How to Make Almost* Anything | MAS.863

Ella Peinovich | M.Arch Level III, MIT







[01_final proposal]

final proposal

Final Proposal for MAS.863

My goal in this class is to learn to make a wall with embedded circuitry. Removing any visible wires from site the system should be attractive even when the active components are not on.



02_study the geometric constructs of design

03_create circuit programmer

04 & 05_model 3D wall design and make mold for concrete cast

06_create micro controllers for light component, with ability to daisy chain

07_3D print wall system to test stability

08_add light sensor to micro control device

09_cast wall units from mold with plastocrete, also flexible plastics, or varied translucents

10_program light and develop mounting

11 & 12_consider ganged network of units


Cost of Project

micro controllers (Quantity 1)

lights and mounting devices (Quantity 1)

light sensor (Quantity 1 per system, or 1 per unit (12))

Plastocrete casts ($60)

Rigid foam for molds ($20)

adhesive copper sheeting