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Ella Peinovich | M.Arch Level III, MIT







[0.0_Sanergy at FABLAB in Nairobi]

sanergy axon


This summer I worked in Kenya within a group of MIT and University of Nairobi students to design and construct two pilots of a low-cost sanitation solution (toilet) for the settlements around Nairobi. The pilot construction can be largely accredited to our use of the FabLab at the University, which resulted in a product that we can iterate and reproduce moving forward.



Images of milling and laminating floor mold plug at the FabLab in Nairobi, Kenya.


mold plug

fiberglass plug

fiber glass cure

The plug then traveled to Fiberglass Specialists to get our castable fiberglass mold.



final paint and all

We were able to cast and install 2 working units in the settlements around Nairobi.


Find more images of the process at the Sanergy website: