Week 1: Out-of-body goggles

Out of body goggles are inspired by an experiment in which volunteers stood with their backs to a camera and wore virtual reality goggles which displayed the live camera feed. Thus viewers saw themselves from the back, teleporting the volunteers' point of view outside of their bodies and recreating the "out of body" experience.

The out-of-body goggles take this illusion a step further by linking two viewers. Each pair of goggles has a webcam attached to the front, showing the wearer's perspective. The goggles inside show the live camera feed from the other goggles, so that one viewer sees from the other's perspective and vice versa.

"Our bodies feel like where our eyes are." With these devices our bodies can be teleported and even shared with another person, opening the possibility for strange and exciting sensations of a virtually different self.

The idea actually came to me after playing around with various camera views in Blender. Here is an image of some (very prototype-looking!) out-of-body goggles:

source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/6960612.stm