useful unix commands that you will need (linux,mac,cygwin terminal):

cd "change directory" (this will take you to the root directory)

cd .. (this takes you to the previous directory you were in)

cd path/path/path (This will take you the directory identified in your path)

mv file_name file_location (This will move a file (called file_name for example) to a desirec location (file_location)

cp file_name file_location (copies a file, same as above)

vim (text editors in the terminal)

nano (text editors in the terminal)

mkdir file_name (makes a new directory - wherever you are currently located)

rm file_name (remove a file)

rmdir directory_name (remove a directory)

Enter (executes the command)

Tab (auto completes the word you are typing)

Up arrow (show the history of the commands you have used)

a lot more infomration can be found by googling for "unix commands"... (chmod, chown, ack, grep, find, dmesg, |,...)