Matt Blackshaw

Final Project

The Cube

The Idea

The cube is a multi-modal input device which appears to be a plain, simple press-fit box on the surface. The cube is fitted with 600 LEDs distributed in 10x10 arrays on each face displaying output, and an accelerometer and capacitive touch input pads on each face allowing input. It is designed as a framework and can be used for many applications.

The Design

I did almost all of my design (including the charlieplexed arrays of LEDs in Rhino). This was nice as it provided an all up view of my project, but it proved to be difficult to manage more intricate layers, such as circuits. For my internal circuit design I used Rhino.

The Process

First I lasercut by press-fit box, then I modela-ed the semi-holes into the wood using a 3/32nd which was coincidentally the perfect size for the LEDs which need to fit in the holes.

Then I used the vinyl cutter to cut the charlieplex array. Because I opted to use no zero ohm resistors, the process took 14 hours!!!