Keeping the World Safe, One Office Chair at a Time

My project was to build an anti-theft device for my office chair. In order to make it fit my chair exactly, I modelled the pieces off of a 3D scan.

I designed a sensor pad for the seat and a mount for the back of the chair to hold my burglar de-incentivizing device.

Molding and Casting are Fun

Axels are Hard

After Many Revisions

I Should be Good at Making Circuits by Now

Final Circuits.

At Least I Can Program

Code for modified sensor board.

Skills Used:

  1. 3D Scanning: Chair capture.
  2. CAD: Mount and seat design.
  3. Milling: Mount and seat mold.
  4. Water jet cutting: Axel and hand holder.
  5. Molding/Casting/Composites: Hand creation.
  6. PCB Design: FailBoards.
  7. Input Devices: Fancy step response.
  8. Output Devices: Chair Burglar De-incentivization device.
  9. Networking: Oops, broke the board.

Final Lesson

The best anti-theft device is a really ugly chair.